Thai Curry Chicken

The Greek had an accident at work many years ago and nearly lost his nose. You can't tell by looking at him, who ever the surgeon was did a great job, but he lost most of his sense of smell. We've recently determined that he can taste sweet, sour and spicy better than anything else. That explains his love of chocolate, pickled anything and peppers.

Lucky for him, my boys are getting used to the spicy thing. Rabbit can eat things almost as hot as I can and Horse tolerates a little bit of heat now. Gives me a wider range of things to cook. This week it was...

Thai Curry Chicken

1 T Oil
1/4 c Thai curry paste (I like either red or masman), more if you like it hotter
6-8 chicken thighs
2 T brown sugar
2T fish sauce
1 can coconut milk

I buy it in a big tub, you can get it in little cans too.

Heat oil in a heavy pot and add the curry paste. Saute until bubbly. Add chicken thighs, brown sugar, fish sauce and coconut milk. Bring to a boil and cover. Reduce heat to a low boil. Cook for at least 45 min, stirring once about midway. If you like the sauce a little thicker, boil with the cover off for a few minutes.

Serve over rice. You can also add any veggies you want during the last 10-20 min of cook time. I added bamboo shoots but potato, carrots, broccoli, bell pepper, snap peas all work well too.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

If you add frozen veggies in the last 20 minutes do you make other adjustments? I find the water from the frozen veggies can really mess up my recipes.

Looks good. Thanks for sharing.

Kar said...

@Salma I don't make any adjustments but if you find it's too watery, just boil a little while longer, uncovered. You could also thicken with a little cornstarch and water if you like.

Thanks for dropping in!

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