Treats From Over The Border

Whenever I move to a different city/state, there is usually something I miss and can't get in the new location.  This is always true for Hawaiian specialty foods but applies to other things as well.

Di moved up to Canada almost 2 years ago and there are things she can't get there, like See's candy.  I promised her a box when I finally move to Arizona since there aren't any really close to where I am now.  i send her occasional care packages with goodies.  I'll show you what is in the current one as soon as she gets it as i don't want to ruin her surprise.

We are finding that even the same products will have different variations in Canada as they do in the US.   For instance Activia dessert comes in strawberry, cherry, vanilla and lemon for our northern neighbors.  The US flavors are peach cobbler, vanilla bean, blueberry cheesecake and strawberry cheesecake.

 I also have another friend in Canada who sends me goodie boxes for special occasions and I get to try out different things from over the border.

I think I wrote about US Smarties vs Canadian Smarties.  US Smarties are small tart disks, like pressed powder.  Canadian Smarties are closer to M&M's but with a thicker candy shell.  This is a bagful that my friend sent for the boys.

These may look like Cheetos but they don't taste like them.  They have the same type of signature orange cheese powder but Cheesies are harder and have more of a corn flavor.  I enjoy having a bag now and then, too bad they don't come in a baked version.

My friend has talked about this for a long time.  She calls it sticky finger chicken.  It's Shake and Bake but in a honey garlic flavor.  They don't sell this in the US, I haven't found it in any store nor is it on their US website.  I tried this on chicken wings recently and I'm hooked!  I told Di to check on how much it was at her local Walmart and I would send her money to send a few boxes.  The kids will love them and it's an easy meal for me.

Do you have things that you make your family or friends send you from another state or country?  I'll tell you about some others another day.


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