Stuffing Patties

I love when leftovers means you get to make something that doesn't happen without there being leftovers.

Whenever I make a turkey I make sure to make a huge pan (or two) of stuffing.  My boys and I both love homemade stuffing.  I guess some people call it dressing, but it's the side dish made of bread that one can stuff into a chicken or turkey.

Last time I made stuffing I froze some in a zip bag and threw it in the freezer.  Now that we're hoping to sell the house soon, we've been clearing out said freezer and this week I pulled that bag back out.

It was time for my favorite leftover recipe.

Stuffing Patties
Leftover bread stuffing (dressing)
Egg (optional)

If your stuffing is moist enough to hold together in a patty, you don't need to add the egg.  If it is too dry then add that egg to it.  Form it into patties.  I make mine about 3 or 4 inches across.  Heat a frying pan on med-hi with either oil (better tasting) or non stick spray (better for you).  When the pan is hot, place the patties in and fry on each side until brown.  I like mine a little longer so that they are really crispy.

I serve them either with gravy as a side dish for dinner or for breakfast with eggs.  I adore them with an easy over egg where the patty soaks up the runny yolk.  Yums!

Don't tell the boys that I ate those without them.


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