Things I Crave: Chili Pepper Sauce

Living out here in the Midwest US, there are things I crave and can't get.  I miss a lot of the food from Hawaii, but sometimes even the simplest ingredients are no where to be found here.  That's when I hit up my relatives.

My sister owns a Japanese restaurant so I can call her to look for Japanese items.  My mom will send some things from Hawaii.  My Auntie in Hawaii owns a seasoning company.  Even my ex will send things by mail or with the kids when they come during school breaks.

One thing he gets me is my favorite chili sauce.  There is only one store in the Sacramento area that sells it and we have never found it anywhere else.  It's from a fairly famous San Francisco restaurant, Yank Sing.  I remember eating at this restaurant when I was a kid, so maybe 40 years ago.  It's the first place I ever had dim sum.

Their chili sauce is salted turnip, black beans, garlic, sugar, peppers, shoyu, and oil.  It's a bit chunky and salty. I use it in everything!  In soup and stews, stir fry (try a spoonful in some sauteed green beans), on cold tofu and even in my oatmeal when I make it savory instead of sweet.

One of my favorite things, besides having the kids back is checking to see what they brought back with them.  Then I hoard them until next trip.  What is your favorite condiment?


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