It's In The Seasonings!

I'm back but I guess not back in the swing of things.  It just occurred to me that I cooked almost every day this week and didn't take a single picture.

I normally don't cook that often but I think between being starved (no food for almost 42 hours) and then having to endure hospital food, I really needed something good.

Hospital food is usually sub par anyway but what I was subjected to served was even below that.  I've single-handedly fed 70 people three meals a day for three days working out of a kitchen with two burners and a half size oven.  It's not hard, nor expensive to make food taste at least decent.  Seasoning would help.  That said, I'd like to share with you some of my favorite seasonings.

Hawaiian Kine has been featured on The Food Network and one of their sauces has won a national award.  I love them!  My sister even uses some of their products in her restaurant.  I have to admit that the company is owned by my Aunt and Uncle but they really are GOOD!

This is the product they started out with:  (Click any of the pictures to go to the information page)

Hawaiian Kine Original Salt

My Favorite!  I shouldn't share that because it is the most labor intensive to make so harder to get.

Hawaiian Kine Lemon Grass Salt

These are my two favorite sauces:

Hawaiian Kine Spicy Plum Dressing

Hawaiian Kine Ono Pineapple Drizzle

Scovie Award Winner!

"Ono" means delicious and it really is.  These sauces are great on salads or drizzled on cooked fish and other meats but I like to pour some in a bag with chicken and marinate it overnight then throw it on a grill!  As they say in Hawaii "Brok' da mouth"

They make other flavors of salt and sauces.  Their lineup also includes rubs and flavored oils.  Take a look here for their full lineup.  Everything is made by hand with Aloha.

Try them and let me know how you like it.  Tell them Kar sent you!


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