A Different Kind of Noodle Soup

http://flipsideumami.blogspot.com/2011/04/quickie-go-to-meal.htmlA few posts back, I talked about soba in miso soup .   It is my answer to ramen, which I love but it's full of fat.  This dish is fast to put together and satisfies any cravings I may have.  Today for lunch, I did a twist on this dish.

I used half soba noodles and half shirataki noodles.  Instant miso soup packets work for the broth and I added shrimp and kamaboko (fishcake).  I also added won bok (napa cabbage) and a sliced portabella mushroom to mine.  The boys LOVE it!

Today's version, white noodles are shirataki.

For those who are not familiar with shirataki noodles, they are made out of yams.  They have always been part of traditional Japanese cuisine, usually found in sukiyaki and nabe.  The original contains no carbs, no fat, no protein, no calories just pure fiber.  The tofu ones add a tiny amount of carbs and calories (I think 5 cal/serving).  They have recently become more available because of those stats for almost any kind of diet.  You can find them in the store refrigerated section, usually where the tofu is also kept.

Try it sometime and let me know how you like it!

My "normal" version


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