When It Snows

It's nearly the end of April and it's snowing outside.  My boyfriend (from now on referred to as The Greek) has been swearing all day.  We have the house for sale here in Kenosha and will be moving down to Arizona as soon as we can get rid of it.  The Greek likes to torture himself and on his desktop he has a widget that shows the weather here.  He has a second one that shows the weather down in Casa Grande, AZ  where we are looking to move.  It's been in the 80's and 90's all week.  Every time he sees it, he starts swearing again.

"I could be wearing shorts and drinking a cold beer!"  No, he would be wearing shorts and drinking coffee.

The Greek is a coffee drinker, big time.  He is seldom without his travel mug of coffee, even in the car.  His coffee of choice is Gevalia, which gets delivered every 6 weeks.  We have a closet full of coffee.  I'll have to admit it is good.  I especially like their Mocca Java.  I am sensitive to caffeine, it makes my heart race, so I only get to sip at his.

This winter I've been indulging in a cup a day but I have to have decaf.  I tried a few different brands and flavors until I finally found one I like.  It's from a little Wisconsin firm called Berres Bros Coffee.  I've come to love their Decaf Highlander Grogg.  Their website gives this description:

"Indulgently sweet, richly enticing. Our top seller...an explosion of caramel, butterscotch and hazelnut."

Tonight,, I'm drinking it with a bit of sweetener and a good helping of Silk Pure Coconut (I normally use SoDelicious unsweetened but the store was out of it last visit).  I have to confess though, my favorite way of drinking coffee is with cocoa.  I use about a cup of brewed coffee and a packet of cocoa mix.  My favorite is Nestle Dark Cocoa.  It's got a deeper chocolate flavor and much less sugar than all the others.  I add a good helping of the coconut milk or almond milk.  I microwave it for about 2 minutes because it has to be HOT.   I won't drink it once it gets lukewarm.  It's rich, indulgent and surprisingly not that bad for you.

The Greek likes his coffee unadulterated.  No sugar, no cream.  He cringes when he sees what I do to mine but he happily comes home with boxes of cocoa he found on sale.

Are you a coffee drinker too?  If not, tell me about your favorite hot beverage.


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