You Eat What?

I'm so tired but can't sleep until I post something, since I promised a post everyday.  So here is a quickie.  There are times in our lives when quickies are a good thing.


I love chocolate and baked goods as much as anyone but I can't eat them with abandon and not feel guilty the next day.  My favorite current no-guilt snack is...


For those of you that don't know, nori are sheets of seaweed.  Most people see them only in sushi but they make an awesome snack.  You can get them plain but my favorite has sesame oil and salt.  I buy them in big sheets and eat them like potato chips.  You can find other flavors too.  The kids adore the teriyaki flavored kind as snacks too.   I currently have some smaller packs of wasabi flavored ones.  Wasabi is the green stuff you get when you order sushi.  You are suppose to mix a bit of it with shoyu (soy sauce).   It is like Japanese horseradish and like regular horseradish will clear your sinuses in a second flat.

My sister owns a Japanese restaurant and we've seen customers pick up the whole ball with their chopsticks and eat it before we can stop them.  Believe me they never do that more than once!

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Tell me your go-to guilt-free snack!


Shelly said...

Already following from the blog hop just stopped by to say hi! :) Never looked at seaweed as a snack! :)

Anonymous said...

Following you on GFC Facebook from the Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop here too! I LOVE food!


Lara N. said...

Following you on GFC and Twitter! Found you on the Finding New Friend Weekend Blog Hop! We like nori, too! It's like the only green vegetable matter that one of my twin daughters will knowingly eat :) I love snacking on it myself. I get the 99cent packs of the sesame oil and salt flavor that you mentioned at Trader Joe's.

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nataly said...

This is my type of blog! found you on Hop Please follow

Tamara said...

Hey following from the hop. Hope you'll visit, too

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