Mangoes Make A Comeback!

A new look!  Not a bad second try.  I'm sure this page will keep evolving until we get it where we want it.

Today's food topic is...Mangoes!

If you follow my other blog, you know that last week I had an allergic reaction to something.  Doctor told me no fruit, no nuts, no fish or seafood until it was over.  I finished talking the pills a couple days ago.  Rash is gone so I'm ready to start adding that stuff back, slowly.  I figure I'd start with mangoes for 2 reasons.  A lot of people are allergic to them so it's better if I get them ruled in or out right away.  The second reason is that BEFORE I broke out in a rash, I had gone to Costco and bought a case of them.  They are all ripe now and need to be eaten asap.

I spent  part of my growing up years in Hawaii.  No one bought mangoes there.  Mango trees are huge!  When it's mango season, people give brown grocery bags of them away.  Otherwise they would just drop to the ground and rot.  My mother worked in a bank and her customers would drop them off for her.

I guess we always had them so I am surprised when I find out others have never tried them.  My boyfriend's sons are in that category.  Two days ago one of them tried a cube and his eyes lit up.  Mangoes are silky and sweet as sugar when they are really ripe.  I see them cut up in the stores and have bought a few like that in desperation only to be disappointed.  Mangoes sold like that aren't really ripe yet.  A mango should yield to pressure when pressed.  When cut open, it should be soft, almost slimy and the juice should run all over your hand and arm.

You can eat mangoes green, but they should truly be hard and green.  They will be almost crisp when you cut them.  Cut them into matchsticks and make an Asian salad.  I just like to eat them dipped into one of several seasonings.  The simplest is to mix salt, sugar and black pepper together.  I also like shoyu (soy sauce) and either lemon or vinegar.  I even add something spicy to that mix, whether it be japanese dried red pepper (togarashi or shichimi) or sriracha (spicy red pepper sauce).  Makes a wonderful snack.

My current favorite way of eating mangoes is in my nightly oatmeal.  My mouth is watering and I can't wait for tonight's bowl.  Maybe I'll throw just a bit of coconut and vanilla in there too.  Yummmmms!


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